Promoting ideals and aspirations that lead to full integral and authentic human development.


To foster ideals and creativity among Amichi professionals leading to integral and authentic human development.


To build a values-driven Amichi community in which character and intrinsic worth of the human person form the superstructure for the building of community ethos and wealth creation.


To articulate and organize social, educational and cultural programs that will advance the character and learning of the Amichi people

Who we are

Amichi professional is not-for-profit making socio-cultural organization, anti anything or pro-anything, apolitical and trans-cultural. We are not a social club, political party, quasi-political party or Pressure group.

To build Bridges across troubled waters and foster unity and friendship in Amichi

Authentic Human Development

Creativity has always been at the heart of human endeavor. Allied to innovation, which creates unexpected value, it is now recognized as central to organizational performance. Some hold that the capacity to harness intellectual and social capital—and to convert that into novel and appropriate things—has become the critical organizational requirement of the age.

The shift to knowledge economies has been abrupt and there is a flurry of interest in creativity and innovation in the society. Innovation is considered, quite simply, an imperative for organizational survival. It may even be the key to some of the biggest challenges facing the world, such as global warming and sustainable development.

Notwithstanding, we are still far from a theory of organizational creativity: the avenues for promising research that might contribute to its emergence are innumerable because of the increasing use of systems approaches and the growing number of agents involved in knowledge flows.